12-14, 6-8, 9-11, Beginning/Ending the session, Character education, Introduction, Time fillers, Wellbeing

Tips for how to get more confident!

Tips from a life coach on improving young peoples’ confidence: https://young.scot/information/mind/how-to-get-confident-and-stay-that-way/

Click through this site; there are lots of useful pages. This one, for example, is a guide for young people who are a little on the shy side to help them to make friends at school: https://young.scot/information/relationships/shy-persons-guide-to-making-friends-at-school/

12-14, 15+, 6-8, 9-11, Beginning/Ending the session, Character education, For all age groups, For Mentors, Introduction, Time fillers, Wellbeing

Baytree Heroines’ Key Qualities Definitions

We assimilated the definitions for the virtues that the girls came up with the Heroines workshops last month: Virtue Mindmap Definitions

This might be useful to help you think about how to talk to your mentee about these virtues, as well as set goals with the virtues in mind.