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Body Image and Positivity

These resources may be useful when trying to discuss perceptions of body image with the girls, although feel free to use them with women as well. An honest discussion about body image is important for understanding where these self-critical ideas emanate from and can help us, as mentors, to deconstruct their influence over young women and girls. Emphasising the unrealistic depictions of women within the media is also important as it encourages young girls to recognise unrealistic standards of beauty when they are being promoted. Lastly, conducting these discussions in a group context may be helpful because it allows us to expose how universal these negative self-criticisms are.

Body Image Videos

Body image

Body Image Teachers Notes

Body Image Tool Kit 2012

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Wellbeing Worksheets

Some fantastic printable worksheets from https://www.christiezimmer.com that would make a great opener or closer for your session. See the website for more!


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Develop your mentoring!

These are some resources produced by Olive from Baytree and the Wonder Foundation on the subject of mentoring skills. Some of the content will be included in mentor training, but these guides go into more depth. They will be HUGELY useful to you, so browse them if you haven’t already. 🙂 Managing a Mentoring Relationship.compressedMentoring-Skills-for-Youth-WorkersMentoring-that-empowers